Education Working Seminar

KA1 – Education Working Seminar

In cooperation with the European Deaf Students Union (EDSU), EUDY set up the project to map the current situation of education for Deaf children and teenagers: “Education for Deaf young people: taking matters in our (young) hands!“. The focus was on all schooling at the primary, secondary and college levels. The project was funded by Erasmus+ and two seminars were organised in two different countries, Lithuania and Bulgaria. The project objectives were:

  • To map current situations of education for the Deaf in the countries of the participating organisations and identify transnational initiatives done in the past
  • To identify common issues of education for the Deaf
  • To identify good practices to tackle the above mentioned issues
  • To write a (possibly first-time) article by Deaf young people themselves about the current situation of education of the Deaf
  • To come with a standard approach which can be used by European and national organisations for Deaf young people
  • To train youth workers in working with the newly developed approach

First activity took place in Vilnius, Lithuania from 11th to 16th of October, 2022. Deaf youth from 8 countries got to know each other, and with guidance from our trainers, worked together to create a survey to be sent to all EUDY’s member organisations.

Second activity took this group to Sofia, Bulgaria from 23th to 26th of November, 2022, to look through the data gathered. The team worked hard on the interpretation of the data collected, and is pleased to present the booklet (toolkit) with right tools and practices about Deaf education in Europe and perspectives of Youth National Associations of the Deaf on Deaf education in their countries. 

The creation of this booklet was possible thanks to the facilitators of this project; Ixone Saenz Paradiso, Thomas McWhinney and Jari Pärgma and the participants from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Slovakia and France.