Anti-Racism in (Deaf) youth work

In 2022, EUDY hosted its annual work plan, #UEDYWP22, Anti-racism in (Deaf) Youth Work, with the aim of bringing together individuals and countries to work towards the same goal. An annual work plan is a list of activities that the organisation or one of its focus groups plans to carry out over the course of a year, with the goal of achieving specific objectives. The activities listed in the annual work plan are designed to advance the work, priorities and principles of the youth sector of the Council of Europe.


The annual work plan was led by EUDY’s focus group for BIPOC Deaf Youth (UEDY), and included a series of study visits and an international activity. The team of trainers consisted;


Lydia Gratis, Ireland
Romel Belcher, Sweden
Katia Pahud, Switzerland
Lubna Mehdi, Norway


The plan included 5 study visits to;

Paris, France, 
Zeewolde, the Netherlands,
Brussels, Belgium,
Stockholm, Sweden (cancelled), 
and the final activity held in Brussels, Belgium. 


The participants were a mix of genders, races and countries, with at least 7 nationalities represented.


The annual work plan aimed to eliminate racism in the Deaf youth community by; 

– setting up a resource website with information and action plans in sign language,

– developing guidelines for creating an inclusive environment for BIPOC Deaf,

– creating an action plan to make EUDY more inclusive,

– training Deaf youth workers on anti-racism, 

– teaching them to create anti-racism awareness activities, 

– and empowering BIPOC Deaf youth. 


The annual work plan was funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and Erasmus+. With this support, EUDY and UEDY were able to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and communities, working towards a more inclusive and equitable society.


Please, go and visit the website set by UEDY about the annual work plan below: