This was a project from August 2021 until February 2022 when our team of trainers visited each of the seven joining countries to give workshops and training with the Board and the national community of Deaf young people. A separate meeting with the Board was planned to assess the current situation of the organization, to identify specific obstacles and also good practices.

Then those youth workers received training by the trainers of EUDY to improve their youth work and to be able to transfer knowledge to their community in order to strengthen the youth work in its organisation. During the visit, the members of the Deaf youth community were welcomed to contribute to the youth organisation ideas and feedback to improve the Youth Work.

After visiting each country, the closing seminar took place in Brussels, Belgium, in February 2022 to exchange experiences, good practices & obstacles and to create this booklet with tools for other member organisations of the EUDY. This booklet contains 5 important pillars to keep YNAD stable and give solutions to each obstacle.