As of this moment we have three official working groups: Developing Countries, Education and History.

The DC-group is mainly focusing on Deaf youth in countries where there are not any deaf youth organisations yet. Often this is the case in Eastern Europe. In this group there are members who are experienced in working with organizational and leadership skills. They support Deaf youth in forming a youth organization by giving lectures, workshops and follow-up activities. This working group was the first group formed inside EUDY’s structure.

At the General Assembly in Bulgaria the Full Members accepted the board’s proposal to change the name of the working group Students to Education. The main aim of this working group is to identify existing obstacles in the education for Deaf people in Europe (primary, secondary and tertiary education and vocational trainings) and develop strategies to overcome them.

EUDY History is a group specifically focused on researching EUDY’s history, because a lot of information from between 1985 and 2006 have been lost. The working group is therefore aiming to interview old board members and to collect pictures, dates, names and more. In the future all this material will be shared with anyone who have an interest in it.

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