One of EUDY’s key activities is collect new members to extend our borders, but also to strengthen the bonds with our current members. That is why we appreciate their input in our activities and policies. Their input of course can be delivered at the General Assembly, but we also aim to communicate with our members throughout the year. The Executive Officer is available every working day and we inform our Full and Individual members monthly with our newsletter.
As our representation at the European Union, European Youth Forum and the Council of Europe is getting more serious, we have some requirements for our Full Members to be a member of EUDY:

  • The organization is fully recognized (either as Youth section of a NAD or an independent YNAD), with statutes and/or internal rules.
  • The organization is fully democratic: Deaf young people in their respective countries have direct communication with the organization and there is a democratic process so members have a say about the organisation’s policies and board elections.
  • There is an annual membership fee, which must be paid before every General Assembly.
  • The organization has to deliver an annual report of its activities, achievements, etc. every year.
  • There is one organization representing the interests of Deaf young people in the country.

Does your country want to be a member of EUDY? Please contact our Executive Officer for the information package and what you would need to do.


Full Members are national associations or committees for Deaf youth in countries from the Council of Europe Member States. The Full Members are the only members who have voting rights in EUDY.

EUDY’s Full Members are:

- Albania: KRSHND
– Austria: ÖGLB-Jugend
– Belgium: FFSB-Jeunes and Jong-Fevlado
– Bosnia and Herzegovina: Youth Committee under SGN BiH
– Bulgaria: MOSGB
– Czech Republic: CDY
– Denmark: DDU
– Estonia: EKNO
– Finland: Youth Committee under FAD
– France: JSF
– Germany: DGJ
– Greece: HDYC
– Iceland: Puttalingar
– Ireland: IDYA
– Italy: CGSI
– Kosovo: KADYS
– Latvia: LNJO
– Netherlands: SBNDJ/Jongerencommissie
– Norway: NDFU
– Serbia: OSGNS
– Slovakia: ZOMDSP
– Spain: CJS-CNSE
– Sweden: SDUF
– Switzerland: SDY
– Turkey: TIEMFGM
– United Kingdom: BDAY
[email protected]Full Members