EUDY meets Icelandic Deaf youth

EUDY meets Icelandic Deaf youth

EUDY board and staff met in Reykjavik (Iceland) last weekend! We had some good time discussing our upcoming projects and the General Assembly in Tallinn! Of course we also immensely enjoyed the hospitality of the island and its inhabitants! Thank you Puttalingar and Félag Heyrnarlausra!!

Dennis HoogeveenEUDY meets Icelandic Deaf youth

Interview with Dr. Liisa Kauppinen

Interview with Dr. Liisa Kauppinen

In October Dennis had the honour to interview Dr. Liisa Kauppinen about her work in human rights for the World Federation of the Deaf and her achievement to receive as the first Deaf person and a woman to receive the Human Rights Awards from the United Nations in December 2013! Also Liisa shares her view on youth work regarding human rights.

Dennis HoogeveenInterview with Dr. Liisa Kauppinen

Freedom of expression is a human right

Freedom of expression is a human right

After the brutal attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, where 12 people were killed, the freedom of expression is at discussion. EUDY’s statement is that everybody is entitled to the freedom of expression, also the people working at Charlie Hebdo. Satire is a way to raise discussions about sensitive topics. And for that 10 workers and 2 cops were killed. EUDY is thinking about the families of those deceased and hopes freedom of expression is never oppressed again in the future. Also you as a young deaf person has the right to freedom of expression, but use it responsibly.

Dennis HoogeveenFreedom of expression is a human right

EUDY General Assembly 2015

EUDY General Assembly 2015

Here is more information about the EUDY’s General Assembly in 2015…

Dennis HoogeveenEUDY General Assembly 2015

Christmas Greetings!

Christmas Greetings!

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at EUDY!

[email protected]Christmas Greetings!

EUDY Reception

EUDY Reception

For the European Action Week, EUDY board and staff organised a cheese and wine-event at EUDY’s office in Brussels. Over 20 people attended! The European Action Week aims to support participants of the Children Camp in Germany.

Dennis HoogeveenEUDY Reception

Board meeting Romania

[email protected]Board meeting Romania

EUDY DC Kaunas

[email protected]EUDY DC Kaunas


[email protected]BYDF

GA report

[email protected]GA report

Video by DGJ

[email protected]Video by DGJ

Day 7

DAY 7 from EUDY on Vimeo.

[email protected]Day 7

New President

[email protected]New President

EUDY Showreel 2013

[email protected]EUDY Showreel 2013


Lidpub from EUDY on Vimeo.

[email protected]Lidpub

6 day camp

6 day camp from EUDY on Vimeo.

[email protected]6 day camp

Honorary Member

[email protected]Honorary Member

Summer Holiday

[email protected]Summer Holiday

EUDY JR Camp – Day 5

[email protected]EUDY JR Camp – Day 5

EUDY JR Camp – Day 4

[email protected]EUDY JR Camp – Day 4

EUDY JR Camp 2014 – 3rd day

[email protected]EUDY JR Camp 2014 – 3rd day

Junior Camp 2016

[email protected]Junior Camp 2016

New working group members

[email protected]New working group members

Shirt Announcement

[email protected]Shirt Announcement

EUDY JR Camp 2014 – 2nd Day

[email protected]EUDY JR Camp 2014 – 2nd Day

EUDY JR Camp 2014 – 1st Day

[email protected]EUDY JR Camp 2014 – 1st Day

Au revoir, Marie!

[email protected]Au revoir, Marie!

Application Study Session

[email protected]Application Study Session

Cooperation EUDY

[email protected]Cooperation EUDY

General Assembly EUDY 2014 in Bulgaria

[email protected]General Assembly EUDY 2014 in Bulgaria

Application President

[email protected]Application President

Lipdub EUDY YC

[email protected]Lipdub EUDY YC

DAY 7 EUDY YC 2014

[email protected]DAY 7 EUDY YC 2014

DAY 6 EUDY YC 2014

[email protected]DAY 6 EUDY YC 2014

DAY 5 EUDY YC 2014

[email protected]DAY 5 EUDY YC 2014

DAY 4 EUDY YC 2014

[email protected]DAY 4 EUDY YC 2014

Promo Shirts

[email protected]Promo Shirts

DAY 3 EUDY YC 2014

[email protected]DAY 3 EUDY YC 2014

DAY 2 EUDY YC 2014

[email protected]DAY 2 EUDY YC 2014

DAY 1 EUDY YC 2014

[email protected]DAY 1 EUDY YC 2014

Report – Final

[email protected]Report – Final

Prep Team

prep team from EUDY on Vimeo.

[email protected]Prep Team

Promotion Hoodie

[email protected]Promotion Hoodie

Welcome to Marie

[email protected]Welcome to Marie

Donation Letter

[email protected]Donation Letter

EUDY board meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

[email protected]EUDY board meeting in Lisbon, Portugal


[email protected]EUD and EUDY

EYE14: International Sign (Workshop)

[email protected]EYE14: International Sign (Workshop)

Danish Sign Language

[email protected]Danish Sign Language

EYE 2014

EYE 2014 from EUDY on Vimeo.

[email protected]EYE 2014


[email protected]BeOC

T Shirt

[email protected]T Shirt

EUDY at Frontrunners 9

[email protected]EUDY at Frontrunners 9

EUDY releases new survey

[email protected]EUDY releases new survey

Exciting News

[email protected]Exciting News

Press release survey

[email protected]Press release survey

European Youth Event 2014

[email protected]European Youth Event 2014

EUDY board meeting in Dublin

[email protected]EUDY board meeting in Dublin

European Deaf Youth Capital

[email protected]European Deaf Youth Capital

European Deaf Youth Capital

[email protected]European Deaf Youth Capital

GA Preparations

[email protected]GA Preparations

Announcement – New Board Member

[email protected]Announcement – New Board Member

Board Teaser

[email protected]Board Teaser

New Projects Granted

[email protected]New Projects Granted

Glance in future

[email protected]Glance in future

Ashley’s Experience

[email protected]Ashley’s Experience

BOW Workshops

[email protected]BOW Workshops

Information Payment Fee

[email protected]Information Payment Fee

Richard’s Resignation

[email protected]Richard’s Resignation

Introducing Ashley

[email protected]Introducing Ashley