The European Union of the Deaf Youth has a working group established, in 2014 – the group consists of three members:

  1. Nora Duggan (Ireland)
  2. Micheal Kelliher (Ireland)
  3. Ivan Vázquez (Spain)

The European Union of the Deaf Youth is launching it’s second European Action Week fundraising initiative from 29th November to 6th December 2015. The money will fund the Education working group in their work on making a survey to map:

- the obstacles the respondents have had/are experiencing during their primary, secondary and higher education.

- the possibilites the respondent have in following vocational education and training (VET)

- how big a role non-formal education has in the current trainings and courses for Deaf young people.

The survey will enable EUDY and the YNADs across the Council of Europe member states to find information on the level of need each country has and to apply for fundings to provide workshops and trainings in those areas that need attention.

We hope you will support us in our work!

We have created our own crowdfunding page. You, with your friends or with you Youth National Association of the Deaf, can organise a fundraising event to raise money to develop a survey on Deaf Education in Europe. Or just make a donation!

Belén NavasEducation Crowdfunding